October 27, 2018

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Record. Even the homoeopaths have their little differ-

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Aqua Menthce Piperitce. Peppermint Water. (U. S. & B. P.)

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tion, aneurism is recorded 6 out of 32 times. In tlie great

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infected guinea pigs, sterilized fractionally at 50° C, and the addition

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of gout. Recent investigations probably disprove the old theory

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operators who have the best interests of their patients at

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dose (4 mg.) for the second; 0.5 per cent, of phenol is added as a

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to pass in slowly, the bag in the case of the fountain syringe being

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to think, however, that the explanation is as follows ;

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tion. It is differentiated from bronchopneumonia on the

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a mere scratch, is of such importance that it lowers the value of

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perhaps be better to seek " more light " in the direction first pointed out

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Case No. XVI is pathological in its empirical greatest

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In Vincenfs angina there is an absence of the formation on the surface

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parallel to the auriculo-bregmatic Hue. At the place where this

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that it has scarcely any tendency to caseate, differing in this respect from

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were evidently dictated by the fear that it might be

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on a pieceof window-glass. Of course, it is a very easy

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Training. By Henry G. Beyer, M.D., Ph.D., Surgeon U. S. Army . . 306

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the expurgators entering upon their bufinefs, that they may run as

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testinal wall with limited nuisculature. and I sup-

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sel walls or from a dyscrasia of the blood; whether the

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antityphoid inoculation, has been reached the subse-

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Dr. E. L. Opie, Professor of Pathology, Dean, Wash-

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the valerianate. These remedies may be tried in succession. Hygienic

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(oeo • •loco • *^ •NiHco • •coe<ico •&«

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soil and the food materials available in the districts mentioned.

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cheap deodorizing and disinfecting agent : Sulphate of

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Madras (which has an assumed population of half a million)

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in a scarlet cloth ; but he died notwithstanding. Flannel,

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had been under observation, and where the hygienic conditions

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president of the medical staff of Sacred Heart Hos-

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the gums full of the medicine at once and the patient

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