October 27, 2018

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drawn that vaccination appears to furnish almost complete pro

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of young persons a Truss will often effect a cure but that it

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and represent the unavoidable hazards attending employment

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a case of pyaemia in which though death eventually took

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sulting in a cure the other showed marked signs of improvement

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direct representation of the profession on the General Medical

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ganglion cells are from the first somewhat large sized. These

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and grandson of William Alexander Graham Legislator

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under appropriate treatment and he was discharged convalescent on

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confined to a select few but were contributed by a large proportion

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The diphtheritic spots do not enlarge or the increase in size is

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being at the peritoneal covering of the stomach. When exposed to

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lambs fed on pistachio nuts were in former days considered great

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bloated pale wax like his pulse small weak irregular and

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