October 27, 2018

Isoptin Abbott

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out this important branch of his subject, to appear will be by the same author, and

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cepting that going on during the coagulation of the serum. It prevents

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1. Irritation of nerve, causing contraction of capillaries

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Formalin-Schering (the standard 40;? formaldehyde solution) should be specified

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which Dr. Bell has quoted from " Stimulants and Narcotics,"

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genuine — Syrup of Figs. It is well known to physicians that —

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inch and a half long, or a little more, through which the fluid will flow

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sedative action, would be developed before the dangerous point of

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removal of fragments of calculi, chiefly in connexion with lithotri-

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specific organism the first fact to be determined is to find the

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person to the conclusion that pressure on the vagus at the neck

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the greater part of the civilized world. It is more common in

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The sweet solace of the mind, Hope, as every one knows, is the constant

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Evening. Has been very drowsy all day : pulse natural, skin

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in the skin, in the joints, or in the generative organs would be

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agents. They are killed by a temperature of 60° C. in five

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§ 142. History. Tetanus is one of the diseases that

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in the body. In some cases the morbid changes are restricted

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ment that will prove beneficial. He has had from first to last

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at first. In another patient, a boy, the same disposition to return

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1898.) Likewise susceptible northern cattle cannot be trans-

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Case 3, A spare, sallow and sickly looking girl, fourteen years-

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fruitful causes of strictures of the urethra. I have repeatedly

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gether with the chronic course and intermittent temperature

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proportion of hydrocarbons. If the disease has already advanced to

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and predisposing causes, which operated antecedently, and some-

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succeeded in introducing a drainage tube through the distended

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points in the diagnosis of renal tumors. There is generally, not

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with a thick scab. The subcutis beneath the scab and surrounding the

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morbid growth, something symmetrical and beautiful. From the

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becomes more rapid, the cough more painful, pressure of the

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