October 27, 2018

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of the necessity, if the system is to be perpetuated, for some

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send representatives to the proposed International Sanitary

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their amplitude makes up for their smaller number. The

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The main part of the volume is occupied by a study of the

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cine, but when I was satisfied the case was one of this fever

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tion of moral influences. In the Jewish race, he stated,

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of drugs in producing its elimination, are still disputed

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suits, while it was at the same time portable and compara- '

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Leprosi) and its Causation, to which I venture to ask permission

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:i The Dftimtic or >; if/iiriai.— This variety was used by ordinary people,

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junctions of the experinienfer. Kut we have noticed also that the case

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for the year ending Christmas, 1892, fully justifies the state-

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Murray, Dr. A. S. Percival, and Mr. Rutherford Morrison,

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mained long enough to bridge over the interval between two

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November 16th, l8Si!, we find that on October 21st, ISSU, the Secretary of

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Mr. George Brown asked what the proposer considered an

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painted or aflixed "on a conspicuous part of some house or building,

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malignant article directed against the medical profession. In

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Physicians ? " He says : " On the whole, it does not distinctly appear by

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and Surgeon-Captain R. C. Thacker, serving in the Bombay Command,

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obstruction, and partly by the peristaltic action of the intes-

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premature to enterinto the question whether any amending legislation

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" (n) The tumour consistsot bundles of non-striped muscular

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Public llealtli attempt to di^crrilil llic tcciuie,- aavl rx anina-

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and abundant air without exercise to be obtained on the Nile

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without appetite. .She lias lost flesh and strength rapidly, and during the

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The like device to this, namely, of clisters, we learned first of a fowlein

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both patients before meetings of the Pathological and Clini-

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