October 27, 2018

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regulation. Destruction of the optic thalamus renders the animal poikilo-
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The Nonne reaction should be regularly used as a control. The
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the photograph in the prone position did not show an hour-glass
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egg-medium, where they also seem to have a tendency to cohere,
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few recent soft shreds; but there was evidence of an old mediastinitis
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58-4 per cent, of which the normal rhythm was restored. The duration of
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which the syphilitic immune body in the cerebrospinal fluid is asserted to
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greater the quantity of potash used the darker the solution. The
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intravenously into guinea-pigs and rabbits. In this instance the
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The chief symptomatic elements are pain, swelling, discoloration,
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This is notably true of vaccine treatment, as might be expected in view
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during experimental hemoglobinuria.] Boll. d. Soc. med.-chir. di Pavia,
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focus occupied by three to four liver cells, to an area involving
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Alum as a styptic remedy in Hemorrhage. By Charles Scudamore, M. D. F. R. S.
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Heyer put his patient to sleep by suggestion, then removed the stomach
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succumbed to gradual cardiac insufficiency only after thirteen years.
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about 12 per cent, of complicating disease, accident or unrelated
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parts,|as well* as of other areas of the skin. The continued prevalence of
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Cornwall, L. II., and Crawford, J. P. An epidemic of typhoid fever of
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jejunal flexure, the jejunum never being equally filled and its contents being
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against nuclei of the endothelial cells which make up the capillaries.
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4. The duration of systole is determined solely by changes in the
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common. Recurrences may affect the same joint or group of joints,
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An item of interest in the clinical study of this case was the fact that,
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condition is not an ordinary bronchitis: (1) Because it is strictly
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an admixture of .streptococci there were no (•liills tbroiigiioiit the
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one questions whether an analysis at the hands of one of the orthodox
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and 3 at the bottom of the curve. The relation of changes in rate, blood-pressure,
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Continue other medicines. One P.M. Leeches bled well;
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Trotter recommends evacuation through the temporal fossa, using a small
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that the gastric ulcer can be diagnosed in certain situations
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oxygenated or reduced as the red cell haemoglobin is. Barcroft thinks that
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necessarily affects the statistics of fever, of recurrence, and of
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Symptoms due to renal insufficiency were prominent in a number
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pharyngitis developed, and a few days previous to this chains of enlarged
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Ten drops of diphtheria toxin injected into the circulating fluid caused an
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similar. The minimum time required to prevent tumour growth was

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