October 27, 2018

Guaifenesin Vs Promethazine

22. "Stimulants and Narcotics in Obstetrics and Gynecology." R. R.

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contraction of the veins^. as among the principal propelling

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read — fewer still who have practiced by its precepts.

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adviser, has been assiduously skimming off the scattered

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not be willing to attend any case without having it in reach ; the

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prominent functions of the uterus, are those of growth and devel-

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they were required to submit to the most rigid system of surveillance

the dangers of intravenous promethazine administration

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general rules should be observed in the use of stoves for warm-

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the point of sailing, the patient was removed on a litter, to a

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ous that it looks as though the stool were composed only of these

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conditions may persist, yet, in most instances, the

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on the treatment of poisoned wounds by the application of cupping glasses

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that the patient is hardly aware of disease, before he is a con-

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selves gratefully, and yet honestly, of such small imedfate aid as those aunts

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large masses of tuberculous lung tissue were observed. Tubercu-

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was attached to the tube of the douche, that the vapour might not

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ternal abdominal ring ; and this pedicle was distinctly trace-

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trachea at which the orifice should be made, you take up a fold of

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The tumor seemed to grow, by a pedicle, out from the ex-

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TVc find that the case was one of very difficult diagnosis, as the

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medication in this disease ; but I do say, most explicitly, that

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in its turn, of impaired vital energy, the heart and brain being imper-

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three months' imprisonment. — [Journal de Chimie. Br. and For. Medico-

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and the use of certain domestic treatment, at about 1 o'clock

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exceptions to her laws ; but always produces the same effects,

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proceed, and only the usual outward symptoms of this event, the

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parts within the sphincter, and perceiving no bleeding, left the

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article in the London Lancet from the distinguished physiologist above

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delivered courses of lectures on the subject, both in one of our medical col-

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admirable mechanical contrivances Surgery has produced. — [Lon-

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the size of a dollar until within two years ; since that time a sup-

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lining the same. These veins are emptied through three distinct

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