October 27, 2018

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means taken to isolate completely those labouring under infectious

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biscuit, and, later, potatoes ; and finally, the patient is put on to

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â– exception to this rule. The evidence given at the trial was not calculated

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the transmitted vibrations from the glottis during speaking. What is felt then, is

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When this was removed, he could pass a small stream, but his urine soon

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these are cases to operate on simply because you have

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which was frequently interrupted by worse conditions and by malarial

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be taken for measurements. 3. In the algid stage, whether the case

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as cefotaxime sodium, ceftazidime, or ceftriaxone sodium.

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* Perhaps there is less diflTerence in feet in the opinion of Laennec and those

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inebriates. Every such reformatory should be near a city, and

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puscular element suspended in the virulent humor, if the corpuscles alone be

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treatment of, S36 ; scaly diseases of, 211 ; treat-

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I had heard the term " executive ability" defined as " an

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born labouring under such a degree of congenital disease as to render it in-

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of muslin, three inches wide and six inches long; cut a hole

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Western Massachusetts was held at Cooley's Hotel, Springfield,

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Treatment is wholly palliative. Cough and pain may be relieved

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sections from the liver and spleen reveals a rather definite cir-

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to the uterus. Such, in brief, was the typical course of this case ;

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treatment. The electrodes being adjusted and the full force of

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a 10 per cent alcoholic solution of menthol are added to a pint of nearly

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and by signs of suppuration about the umbilicus, while injection of the

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using this apparatus has control of the rapidity of the flow, as well

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acetabulum. The patient's legs were then bandaged together

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See Celsus (Aurelius Cornelius). Trait6 de la m6de-

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2 or three cannulas, is entirely sufficient. I would

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to meet and endure would be simply appalling to the average city

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causes the keys to revert to the neutral position, and a fresh card passes

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tumors retain their benign characteristics, compressibility and change

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he came to Guy's. For the two days his bowels did not act.

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a shallow excoriation. No crust is formed, owing to the con-

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