October 27, 2018

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the pyramidal fibre that passes by the medulla oblongata, through the

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and the eye prepared for operation. After thorough cocainization the usual

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cases, even to 105°; the eyes are brilliant and feverish-looking; the lochia

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de Med. Pratique^ and we find there five additional eases, one

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well with methylene-blue, and show a characteristic structure, namely, an unstained

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Hudson Street Hospital, O. P. D. (Merck's Archives, May, 1906).

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more and more to free itself from the dangers of self-deception,

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,. , ., , „ J r 1 . ■ practicable, however, mountain climbing is

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se, are innocuous, that Le Fort denies the pathogenic power

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(vS.) On calcareous nias.aes expectorated Irom the lung.

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portant part is reserved for the Bed Cross and its corps of nurses

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Outward rotation or eversion of the limb is associated with

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specially noticed. According to Oulmont, tracts of cutaneous anaesthesia

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they have infiltrated the tissues, so that a return will be cer-

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in disDute relating chiefly to the processes for the detection of the acid in the

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The following observations on the characteristic diseases of that pariicih

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Medical education next demands our attention. One fact will

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cinated at all, and most of these had unsatisfactory scars. The limitation

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are present, so that it cannot be utilized, as a rule, in the study of

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“Between December 7, 1941, and December 31, 1943,

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died or were killed at the end of from three to five weeks, and when examined

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treatment." In his choice of remedies Priscianus inva-

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the average time in the hospital of the patients there

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stance of Professor D'Arman, entered on an exchange of

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semblance is a necessary result of the difference in the location

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duced on which it could be founded. The new views regarding the internal

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league, and that we all mourn our loss; that we extend to the

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aerobic, others anaerobic ; some will not grow unless the medium contains

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the only one of the B children who, within the nine days following the onset

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principles on wliicli boo s should be constructed in order

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exhibit some difference from the jaw of the present race of men.- This

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or furthermore, if the case is inoperable, or finally, if the sur-

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