October 27, 2018

Orographic Precipitation Meaning

two or three days, the effects of the atropine and Calabar bean dis-
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becomes plainly audible as the friction sounds subside. The exudate may
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there were lesions of the lungs, and effusion into the thoracic cavity.
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had become isolated from the lower. By these means the pharyngeal
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These tests have been made at 14,000 feet, 16,000 feet, 18,000 feet,
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negative to the nasal mucous membrane by means of pledsjets
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Heflebower, R. C, Cincinnati, Otol- Paquix. Paul, Thoracic Diseases.
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Repr. frnm: Proc. U. S. Xav. Inst., Annapolis, 1897,
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demonstrated with all but mathematical exactness, that the great
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The physician with an interest in MR can help educate other
orographic precipitation meaning
monthly meeting October 8, at Zanesville. The following papers
orographic lifting refers to

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